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​Questions that are asked on a regular basis - Read the below list as it might answer your question.


Client Look books:- Please have in mind some clients know exactly how they want there final look book to appear & they know what models & looks they are after to achieve there desired effect ,Unfortunately we are not all capable of deciding what it is exactly we want until we start to put together looks together ,This is why i ask you to look over the list below as previous clients have all needed help with the answers to these questions ,By having the Answers to the below guidelines it makes things run & operate smoothly not only for me but for the whole team as days can be quite long & items may be overlooked through in-adequate planning.

  • Look Books for clients are priced accordingly & individually as each job is custom made to the clients requirements .Enquiries for Look books please have the information ready this enables a quick & accurate estimation for the job costing These Variable items which need addressing are:-
  1. How Many Looks in total per item & whether the items need to be photographed from the angle of view inclusive of the fronts ,Backs,macro shots or a combination of shots or all of the mentioned these are calculated per look ,So is very important in determining not only cost but also Model time & Studio/location booking times.
  2.  Any special items or props which may be required will need time to source  or make to your specific requirements.
  3. Models how many & what Ethnicity ,hair length & Colour 
  4. Location or Studio or Both.Time period -How long before the shoot & Lighting ,Very important what light Daylight or Studio the look your'e after might require both a mixed lighting set up.Mood Boards are the easiest way for the brief to be determined.
  5. T.E.A.M are you using previous members to style ,MUA ,set design or are you looking for a complete package. I offer a complete package undertaking all required steps to deliver your Look Book inclusive of Retouch,The Final Image will be delivered in File formats ready for print or digital use.

Model Portfolio Building:- Model shoots are available to enhance an area that might be lacking in your folio Or revamp for a modern or Alternative look than what you already have.

  • ​As with any shoot there are a few prerequisites before contacting which will help in making the shoot quick & efficient
  1. Studio or Location ,or a mixed shoot .This is important as studio time needs booking in advance & is charged by the half day.
  2. Do you require full styling ,Mua ,help with a mood board to determine a look that suits you or a variety of looks you wish to achieve.
  3. Retouching services ,Full retouching services are offered if you prefer ,The Retouch is very natural & enhances your images to maximise your looks.I do not give out Raw Files all files are Tiff format industry standard.
  4. Chaperones :- I normally prefer to shoot without Chaperones or companions .

            The reasons for this are as follows :-Past history has taught me that when Chaperones are around -you as the Model are negatively affected by there presence ,Yes even mums & dads have this ability even though they think they are helping .With Models who are nervous i prefer to get to know you with your Chaperone before the shoot so you are comfortable when the shoot begins ,Your creative side needs to come out & in order to do this chaperones Parents & friends only hinder this process.You are looking to me to provide you with the best images possible i do this by direction & energy direct with you ,The last thing i want is for you to feel that you could have done better if only you were not so nervous .Models under 18 years :- Parents are Allowed to be present but not to disrupt the shoot ,I appreciate as a parent myself the concerns that this industry can bring & fully welcome you to vet me prior to any undertaking of photos,As i have mentioned above there is fine line between helping -Re-assuring & being Awkward,Your Son/Daughter will appreciate the freedom a parent giving them the space to express there inner creativity. 


Portraiture:- Head shots ,Family portraits & couples are generally undertaken upon request when looking for a portrait that is more than the normal headshot on a white background .I enjoy locations for portraits i can usually arrange to come up with a venue if you do not have anywhere specific.Portraiture is about making a connection the injection of energy & direction to create something memorable ,For this reason i usually do not shoot babies or toddlers or pets (Sorry)it's not my thing .

Creative styling & professional services are offered to make you look the best you can ,if you are after a fashion twist themed portrait sitting then i can make this happen for you.  

Studio & Location :- At present i use the services of Studios for hire as it offers great value for money.

Weddings :-Yes but please do not be offended if i say no,I Limit the amount i do each year.

Costings:- Every shoot is different so therefore every pricing put towards a job is structured towards your specific needs ,Please get in touch with your specific requirements ,i will estimate & advise as per an individual basis.