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In a wedding there are a number of important details to keep in mind, many of which we would not normally consider. Organising a wedding is a complicated task and can be stressful, especially if we don’t have enough time to do it.

Because of this it is highly recommendable to hire a professional wedding planner that will relieve you of all the tension and worries that are involved with organising. Sometimes it is not possible or you simply don’t want to hire a wedding planner because you would rather do everything yourselves. In this case, you will need advice from each of the professionals who will participate in your wedding in any way.

The professionals who work in weddings have lots of experience and without a doubt are who know more about weddings. It is very important to ask each professional for advice in order to have a general idea of the problems that can come up.

In the case of photography, there are lots of details that we can consider. Of course, our suggestions are simply recommendations in order to make the best wedding photo shoot possible.

Attitude: In the first place, we have to be aware that our attitude is important. A wedding has a lot in common with the performing arts: there is a wardrobe, make-up, audience, a script to follow… And all of this can lead us to act out a part. Naturalness is fundamental for taking photographs that reflect your personality and ones in which you can identify yourselves. Therefore, it is very important that you are relaxed and be yourselves.

Wardrobe: Picking out the wardrobe is one of the most personal things that exist, which is why it is important that you don’t let yourselves be influenced by the opinions that surround you. You should pick clothing that you really like. This will help you feel more comfortable and enjoy to the fullest everything that happens on the wedding day. And of course, that is reflected in the photographs.

Make-up and hairdressing: Another aspect that affects the photos is without a doubt the make-up and hairstyle. It is something that few people stop and think about but it is important that you do a trial run of the make-up and hair style to make sure there are no unwanted surprises the day of the wedding. It is recommendable to not over do it with the make-up, keep it simple by highlighting your features.

Houses and hotels: The places you choose for the preparations are extremely important. The context in which the photos are taken greatly affects the final result. You should keep in mind that the place should be spacious, well-lit, with few people and, most importantly, well-organised.

Many times the bride and groom don’t realise, especially when they have spent the previous night in the hotel, the mess that there is in the rooms. It is normal to not have this detail in mind with all the work in the preparations, but it is important that someone be in charge of cleaning up the room before we get there, since this will help obtain cleaner photos, and therefore more elegant ones.

Ceremony: The ceremony is probably the most complicated moment to control, but we can keep a few details in mind to help us obtain better photos. The floral decorations are without a doubt one of the important aspects to consider and it is recommendable to hire a professional to do this, since the photos are greatly improved when the space is well-decorated.

The decor of the interior space is also important, so it is important to remove strange objects that can be found in the church or in the place where the ceremony is being held (fans that are not being used, tripods for microphones that are not being used or can be done without, chairs that may be in the way, trash cans, signs, etc…)

On the other hand, the lighting is crucial since we work with natural light. Normally churches have lighting but sometimes it is not used 100%. It is essential that all of the lighting available in the church is lit so that we can have enough light to work without flash and be true to our style.

Portraits: The portraits that we take of the newlyweds alone after the ceremony are of great importance. In order to obtain very beautiful photos it is fundamental to be in a special place, if possible surrounded by nature with a landscape that we can use to situate us far from the normal context. This location is very important, that is why we usually explore the area a few days before the wedding to find places that are close-by and favourable.

Restaurant: Like in the church, the same idea is recommended for the restaurant, take care over the decoration, the lighting, in addition to removing strange objects that can be done without.

The dancing: The moment of dancing is very important, in this case the details that favour the photos are normally not considered. It is very important to have enough lighting for the discotheque but also a spotlight for illuminating the newlyweds when they start their dance. It is highly recommendable to put coloured lights, lasers, discotheque balls, etc…, all of these elements will give lots of colour and vitality to the final photographs.

Other photographers: Today everyone has a digital camera and of course a wedding is a great moment to use it. We don’t have any problems with people taking photos around us, we understand and we know that it is inevitable.

What we do recommend is that you kindly ask the guests-photographers to try not to interfere with our work as hired professionals. It is especially important that the other photographers respect our privileged space and allow us to work with complete freedom keeping in mind that they should not compete with us, but allow us to move around.

Evidently, all of these are not unavoidable conditions but advice that we give with the goal of obtaining the best photographic shoot possible. Therefore it is in your hands to accept them with total freedom.