Simon Evans Photography | Wedding FAQ's


Here you can find a selection of commonly asked questions by the bride and groom that we usually answer by email and Skype/Face -Time.

Do you do all of the photo shoots?

Yes. All photo shoots are performed by Simon Evans accompanied by a Partner,Assistant & extra Second shooter when needed. We never send employees to cover a wedding, because for us it is very important to maintain the same level of quality at all photo shoots.

Do you do weddings all over the world?

Yes, we will go to any part of the world. We are not limited in any way in terms of travelling to make our photo shoots. We are accustomed to travelling, since, thanks to the Internet, many couples from different places hire us for their weddings.

Are the travel costs included in the prices?

They are included for any part of the Package i have quoted you for . For international locations a budget should be requested separately.

What time do you start the taking photos on the wedding day?

We normally start 2 hours before the ceremony at the bride and groom’s hotel so that we leave enough time for travelling. For example; if the ceremony starts at 2pm, the photo session at the bride and groom’s hotel would start around 12 Noon.We Tailor the hours required to your specific needs.

Do you take group photos at the end of the ceremony?

Yes. This is the only exception we make in terms of spontaneity. We think that the group photos of the newlyweds and friends are interesting and there is no problem with taking them.

Do you take photos during the meal?

We do not take photos during the meal, except in some exceptional moments. A break is taken from the first course of the meal until the desserts come out. Photographs of people eating don’t come out good and it is better to let them rest and enjoy their meal and calmly converse.

How many photos are taken in each photo shoot?

We normally take 200 photographs per hour. In a complete wedding we can take up to 2000 photos, keeping in mind that we can take many photos at once and there are many repetitions. We first sort out the photos according to our criteria of quality and then we deliver a selection consisting of a minimum of 600 photographs.

Do you take the photos in colour or black and white?

All of the photos are in colour and later are converted into black and white. We always turn in two versions of all the photos, one version in colour and another one in black and white. This way, we will always have at our disposition both versions of all the photos.\

Do You Shoot & Use Film (Analog)?

Yes We started with film & still enjoy using film ,we have 35mm & Medium Format Equipment Available upon Request .

We try to incorporate Film even if it is a digital shoot ,The Aesthetic is welcomed by most & also gets the Guests talking about the good old days .

Costings are different For film Although we try our best to be very competitive As we feel Film still holds many advantages over Digital,we use Colour & B&W Film Comprising of :-Kodak,Ilford,Fomopan,Fuji, fuji Instax,Rollei(Agfa).We use the Print Space for high quality Photo images. 

Do you submit a CD or USB-Drive with all of the photos in high resolution to be able to print them?

Yes, we always submit 3 USB-Drive copies with all of the photos in high resolution so that they can easily be printed, make copies and use as desired with no restrictions.

Do you retouch the photos?

All of the photos submitted are retouched digitally for optimal printing. The 600 photos, are retouched one by one, adjusting the colour, contrast and smoothing out the skin colour in the close-ups, etc… The photographer makes the adjustments and retouches what he considers necessary for each photo.

Who chooses the photos for the album?

The photos for the album are usually chosen by the bride and groom. After the wedding we send all of the photos in a low resolution via email to the newlyweds so that they can make a selection. Then, the newlyweds send us a list of the photos they have selected and we start to layout the album. Later, when the album is laid out we send it via email to the newlyweds so that they can give us their approval before printing.

Which Album Services can we have is there a choice ?

Yes there is a  choice we believe in being as flexible as possible ,We try to accommodate your needs thats why each package is different we are all unique so we understand what is right for one wedding may not suit your requirements so in that note we work with you to determine the package you require,Some of the Album choices are :-Folio Albums  Graphi Studio  Queensberry  Album Epoch  Jorgensen & we have local quality printing for modern format books A4,A3 & Smaller sizes ,A recent trend has shown more are choosing to have ready made books for coffee table viewing without the hassle of worrying about expensive Albums getting damaged,The Choice is yours we can guide & Help you in your final choices. 

How many photos fit in an album?

If we want to put large photos that stand out with an elegant design we will not be able to put hundreds of photos because the album would be too packed with photos. Everything depends on the size of the album, the smaller the album the fewer photos we can put. After years of experience we have verified that the best sizes are the following: we put 100 photos in the 30 sheet 15×15″ album; we put 80 photos in the 30 sheet 12×12″ album; and we put 60 photos in the 30 sheet 10×10″ album. Evidently, these sizes are only a recommendation based on our experience.

Is the album printed on normal or photographic paper?

We always print our albums on photographic paper because it has the highest printing quality and it is the most durable. Our albums are of high quality, both the printing and the binding, as it is a product which has to last a lifetime.

Prints & Canvasses,Acrylics & Metallics ?

yes these are all tailored to your requirements ,from small prints right up to poster size if you so require ,all printed on quality Photo paper/Metallic paper  or Acrylic you can have made up as well as gift items ,We can provide you with more details if you so wish 

Is it possible to only have the CD or USB-Drive with the photos without the album?

Of course. In all of the reports we always turn in 3 copies on a USB-Drive with all of the photos and choosing to have the album is totally optional.

What can I do if the church or the resort has an exclusive photographer?

To have an exclusive photographer is illegal because it goes against the free competition of the market. No one can make you use a specific photographer, neither in the church or the resort. Defend your right to choose the photographer for your wedding.

Do you offer the service of Photobooth?

We do not offer the service of Photobooth because we prefer to be 100% concentrated in the wedding photo shoot.

What can I do if the church or resort makes me pay a ‘fee’ for bringing my own photographer?

This is a way for them to pressure you to use the photographer they contract exclusively. There are many resorts and churches that don’t make you pay a ‘fee’. Defend your rights, negotiate with the resort or church. Keep in mind that we are not responsible for paying any ‘fee’.

Do you do video?

No. We are specialised in photography, so for the video report you would have to hire a company that specialises in video. This is something that is changing lately. Photographers are specialising more and more in order to provide the best possible quality and our video co-workers are doing the same thing. For this reason we now operate as independent companies. Good video makers work in 35 mm. You can find many if you search Google for ‘wedding cinematography’.

What is the timeline for handing in the work?

The timeline for handing in the projects is 2 months. Everything depends on the time the bride and groom take to select photographs for the album. Normally, after the honeymoon, the pictures are sent to the bride and groom to make the selection and within 30 days we usually submit all the work.

Do you offer a contract?

We always make a formal contract in which both parts promise to full-fill their responsibilities. The photographer promises to submit all of the work requested with the quality and within the timeline agreed upon with the client. On the other hand, the client promises to make the respective payments in the timeline agreed upon.

What is the method of payment?

Payment is made in two parts. First, 50% of the payment is made to reserve our services. And after the wedding, the other 50% is paid the day we send via Internet all of the photographs. All of the payments should be made by bank transfer since it is the most economical way of payment for both parties. If you prefer to pay by credit card (Paypal), a 5% fee will be added to the final price.Alternatives are available please ask .

How can we hire your services?

It is more and more common to do the process through the Internet since there are many couples that hire us that live outside of the country or far from where we live. The Internet is an easy and fast way of communicating which we use and believe in,Alternatively we can arrange to meet or FaceTime /Skype which ever suits you To hire our services, simply send us an email with all the details of your wedding (dates, places, times, etc…). With that information we will make a budget where you will find all of the details for making a reservation. Many thanks ahead of time for choosing our services.